For Idaho's Rights

Our 2nd Amendment rights are extremely important. It guarantees that we keep every other right bestowed upon us by God.

Chad’s Platform

I believe in strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution. There are no exceptions. If a bill is not Constitutionally aligned, it will NOT have my support. I have a strong desire to stay true to my principles of protecting God-given rights. These rights are supposed to be protected in the U.S. Constitution. However, these rights are trampled on day-after-day. They are trampled on by individuals and groups in this country. Unfortunately, the biggest culprits are the Idaho and federal governments. Too often, our elected officials do not represent their constituents. Too often, they are self-serving by benefiting from other entities. Their constituents are the furthest thought from their minds.

As I will make it a point several times, my opponent has systematically blocked pro-gun legislation. He is supposed to be representing small-town Idahoans. These constituents reside in Malad, Soda Springs, Preston, Montpelier, Iona, Swan Valley, Ammon, etc. The majority of these people absolutely support pro-gun legislation, in which has come before my opponent, yet he has not represented them. Who is he representing, if he is not representing you? Think about that. I will represent you with honor and integrity. I expect to be held accountable. I will not complain when I receive phone calls in support of a bill, as my opponent has done when blocking pro-gun legislation. I will graciously address your concerns.

My opponent seems to think there are exceptions to allowing certain rights, especially in regards to the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment does not allow for restriction or regulation on the U.S. citizen to own/operate a firearm. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution do not allow for the regulation of God-given rights, at least not without the amendment process.

In regards to the 2nd Amendment, it states it “shall not be infringed.” My opponent has stalled pro-gun legislation, time after time. He stalled Constitutional Carry numerous times before Idaho patriots finally got it through. It easily passed, once it got around his committee. He is currently stalling the Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine, once again. It would seem that my opponent doesn’t believe you have the right to defend your family and property. I believe if his convictions were strong enough to represent you, it would have passed in 2017. Yet, here we are again in 2018, hoping we can get around his gun bill blocking committee.

I will be strictly aligned with the U.S. Constitution, with my voting and my bill drafting. I believe in a limited federal government. Unfortunately, the Idaho government has allowed the infiltration of the federal government for decades upon decades. It will take some dedication and hard work to unravel the federal government puppet strings. We need liberty-minded representatives and senators in the Idaho Legislature.

The Constitution was designed to allow the states more power than the federal government. Idaho must push back within the boundaries of the Constitution. The federal government has become a beast, in which our Founders fought so hard against. We have dishonored their sacrifice, by allowing such an overreaching central/federal government. We must remedy the error of our ways, and repair the basic building blocks of the U.S. Constitution.

Chad Christensen

-just a fellow patriot