Agriculture/Small Business

The biggest stumbling block for agriculture and small business is government regulation. It becomes so burdensome and taxing that profits keep getting slimmer and slimmer. Dairy farms are overburdened with regulations and fees. Trucking companies can barely squeeze out a profit after all the fees, permits, and taxes are paid.

The government should be protecting farmers, ranchers, and small business. It shouldn’t be inundating them with burdens. I spoke to a dairy farmer in Geneva. Elk overruns his farm and eats his feed. The Idaho Fish and Game refused to help. Government’s sole purpose should be helping and protecting the people, whom they work for.

What happened when Trump lightened the burden of taxation on businesses? We saw the stock market rise, employers saw better profit margins, employees benefited. If the government gets its nasty fingers out of the free-market, it thrives.

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