Grocery Sales Tax

I feel that Idahoans are taxed enough. I will take tax cuts whenever they arise. Why? Because when it is all said and done, we are taxed almost 50% of our income. This includes vehicle registrations, government fees for all types of things, hidden taxes in our phone bills, hidden taxes in our satellite tv bill, fees to run for political office, etc.

Our governor continues to veto the grocery tax bill because he states we cannot lose that revenue. How about we start slashing the size of our state government, Butch? It seems like we have an agency for everything, much like the federal government. The State government has grown to an outrageous beast, in which must be continually fed by burdening hard-working Idahoans. My opponent seems to always align with what his “leadership” wants him to do. This “leadership” includes the governor. Therefore, my opponent voted to keep the grocery sales tax. I support getting rid of it.

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