Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion

Obamacare has been called “the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed…as destructive to personal and individual liberties as the Fugitive Slave Act.” Congress and the executive branch do not have the Constitutional authority to mandate that all Americans purchase a health insurance policy. Obamacare also commits gross intrusions of privacy on the American people.

Governor Otter promised us that he would not allow Obamacare in our state. Then he subsequently packaged it differently and forced it upon us. Now he and other members of the leadership and trying to expand it. Advocates state there is a gap of 80,000 Idahoans who don’t qualify under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. Is it the responsibility of other Idahoans to pay for this gap? Is it the responsibility of any Idahoan to pay for another’s health coverage? No. We were not founded on principles of socialism, therefore any form of it must go. I will fight to get government out of healthcare. I will fight to block this federal overreach and encroachment.

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