Thank You to District 32

We would like to start by thanking everyone that came out to vote yesterday in the Republican Primary. During this campaign, we had the honor to meet so many great people and listen to their concerns about our district and our State. I am honored to represent Idaho’s 32nd (b) District in Boise. This process has been a humbling experience and I thought back to an account of a company of Marines I read about some time ago, Fox Company 2d Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment who fought a battle lasting nearly a week. During the Korean War on the Chosin Reservoir, these Marines held the line and kept the door open so thousands of their fellow Marines could live to fight another day. Capt. William E. Barber and these Marines are who I dedicate this victory. They held the line against all odds, and so shall we.

I would like to thank Rep. Loertscher for his service to our community and our State. As we move forward in our State Legislature I know that I can count on the support of our district to ensure that all of Idaho’s voices are heard.
I would also like to personally thank everyone that helped with our campaign, while this is not a complete list, here are few:

Stephenie Christensen
Ronnie and Robyn Gamble
Drew and Catherine Pettis
Ammon Bundy
G.R. Mobley and the Republic Review
Guy Fitzgerald
Lance Fitzsimmons
Ronna White
Virginia Edlefsen
Jay and Sharlene Miles
Ray Hubbard
Sterling and Madelin Smith
Dennis Long
Rob Broadhead and his committee
Travis and Donna Whipple
Jennifer Goodwin
Chad McDonald
Bryce and Holli Bunderson
Kirk Pugmire
Monica Smith
Al Wyler
Property Pros Reality – Skinners
Sean Bartschi
Brody Weeks
Clint Bragg
Stacy Stewart
Rob Schmidt
David Lyon
Jonathon Ayers
Chet Christensen
Craig Christensen
Chad Russell
Cooper Christensen
Ryan Christensen
Michael Schmidt
David Davenport
Chris Hampton
Linda Burton
Nicholas Contos
Bryan Smith
Doyle Beck
Dick Heller
Christy Zito
Marilyn Giddings
Conservative Review
Idaho Freedom Project

Chad Christensen
State Representative Elect
Idaho District 32B, Republican